The Art of Miniatures: Why We Love It?

The Art of Miniatures

There are different people, different arts. That’s why every art époque produced such diverse forms. Gothic, baroque, romanticism, realism, postmodernism. Every each one proclaimed how nonsensical was today’s art and we need new forms, new senses, new challenges.

Micro paintingAll throughout time miniature art was alive but remained small and unnoticed. Perhaps due to its size?

That’s a cheap joke but we couldn’t help it.

In any case, while artists were bickering throughout time, miniature art has remained a peaceful place to grow and change.

Here are top three reasons why we love miniature art and why you should, too.

Different arts to practice

Miniature is an art you can explore in a variety of forms. Sculpture, painting, photography. Clay, glass, wood, stone. Besides, it may be the least expensive art form to indulge yourself. You know, because materials certainly won’t cost a ton.

Miniature art


MiniatureThe focus that is required to make anything of quality is immense. And that’s a good thing. Because you can’t compromise and multitask. But once spend 50 hours making miniature art, you develop incredible calmness and focus. Or at least, you start developing.

Needless to say, a laser focus and Buddha-like calmness will help you many times beyond miniature art. You will be a better driver, a better live blackjack player, a better cook, a better everything.

Close Community

Miniature artThere is nothing to help you grow like a community. Blogging, for example, was, and still is, a an issue for me. Planning, writing, editing, micro managing. It’s tough. So, I turned to one of writer’s communities on Facebook and they helped out tremendously. I still have troubles but it’s incomparably easier.

The same goes to miniature art. We can talk about formal societies like the Royal Society of Miniature Painters, Sculptors and Gravers in London or the Miniature Painters, Sculptors and Gravers Society of Washington. Or browse through the Facebook groups and forums. You will find some amazing people who will help no matter what kind of problems you run into.

Maybe your end goal is not becoming a miniature art master. That’s fine. Me too. Like I mentioned above, this type of art is universal. It makes you better, no matter what you do in life.

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