The Best Strategy Games for your Phone

Chess - most classic strategy game

The number of apps developed is increasing so rapidly it affected almost all activities of our everyday life. From setting up alarm clock to wake up in the morning to keeping ourselves entertained during the daily commute to work, we turn to our phones. Hence, our now outdated technologies and artefacts, such as actual clocks, newspapers or board games, must adapt to modern requirements and establish their presence in our phones.

From classic games to world-wide popular board games, all of them have to fit mobile interface to avoid extinction. Our most beloved strategy games are no exception. However, when the quantities of games are enormous, choosing the right ones for you is not the easiest of things to do. Here is when this list comes to your rescue.

1.      Board games

When was the last time you played monopoly? This now classic board game might not be as popular in its original form as it used to be, but, like many others, it is available for you to download and play wherever and whenever you want as long as you are a proud user of Android or iOS.

2.      Games based on your favorite TV shows/movies/books

If you are a fan of some TV show, book series or a movie, why not trying your luck and looking up if there are any strategy or other type of games based on them? If you are into popular ones, high chances are you will find not one, not two but dozens of apps to choose from. Dont believe us? Try to count the apps for Game of Thrones alone.

3.      Table games

Entirely new world also opened for us gambling sympathizers when our beloved casino games, such as blackjack, baccarat or craps, became available on the go. Playing cards, rethinking your strategies and winning money all during one metro commute? You can read here and think about trying it. But we are already downloading some apps

4.      All time classics

Most games can stay popular for decades but only few beat centuries. If looking for the best of the best, history is one place to check.  However, even the games counting centuries, for example chess need a breath of fresh air from time to time. Luckily, mobile interface and chess apps like this one do exactly that.

5.      Newcomers

It would be a sin to mention classics and skip all the new strategy games that are within your reach every time you open an app store. Opposite to classic games, with new ones you never know what are you getting yourself into. In most stores you can filter games by genre and then pick the best ones by number of downloads, ratings or reading couple of reviews. If that seems like too much work, try picking any from this article and you surely will find some addictive games in couple of minutes.

What are your favorite strategy game apps? Dont be shy to share them with us.

Happy gaming!

The Number One Article on Classic Games


Today game industry is mediocre at best. However it’s been a tremendous week for Nintendo. Guess we’ll learn next calendar year. This has to be bought separately. It’s the excellent sort of tough. There are tons of means to keep the price of game night low whilst keeping the laughs abundant. Those are always really hard to catch.

You won’t ever find that precise dungeon again, and you will have to start over. The enemy isn’t going to shoot at you for the remainder of the game. Unfortunately, it’s necessary for you to discover your opponent first. A champion is going to be crowned March 22.

The controls are excessively imprecise. That isn’t quite as easy as it sounds, however, because it requires running a particular interface on the computer being used to create the tweaks. As you’re booting, you also had better run a sunxi-FEL” interface on your PC. A timeless Controller or traditional Controller Pro for the Wii console can likewise be used. It was wii digital console but its the exact game.

The game includes four phases. It looks like the 84 games could possibly be the console’s limit. And hopefully you will prefer the game so much that you could play it for numerous rotations of game club. Unfortunately it doesn’t arrive cheap, and fails to take into consideration physical and digital games you might already own. Charades You can never fail with a timeless game like charades. Never Have I Ever This is among my absolute preferred games, but nevertheless, it has to be played with no less than a dozen people, preferably more. Should you ever must step away from one of many basic games you don’t need to be concerned about losing any hard-earned progress.

The Ultimate Approach for Classic Games

To connect to with one of our legacy games, you will require a traditional account, which differs from your normal account. On account of the sheer range of options readily available, just mucking around within this area can occupy lots of your time, though it’s fun attempting to come up with that ideal design. One particular person stands in the center and announces one particular thing they’ve never done. That individual gets three points. The individual in the middle would also locate a chair. Then the blind man, by feeling the surface of the individual they touched, needs to guess who the man is. I wasn’t very good so they were all sort of hard.


Why Everyone Is Dead Wrong About Backgammon and Why You Need to Read This Report Immediately


The New Fuss About Backgammon

If you’re just learning how to play backgammon, you’ll need to enter the practice of thinking strategically which is sure to enhance your game. There are lots who get hooked on playing online backgammon for money. For those who have never played on-line backgammon, the very first thing which you should do is locate an outstanding website which provides the online game. True, lots of people begin to play backgammon when they’re still children. Playing backgammon is similar to playing with history. It is one of those games you could play every time you feel bored. Playing backgammon for money is truly a wonderful idea if you’re an expert.

Backgammon at a Glance

Backgammon game is extremely enjoyable and simple to play. If you’re new to Backgammon board games, then you may not know what things to search for. When you pick an added backgammon board game for your family members, you are going to have present of loved ones entertainment that everybody will obtain much enjoyment from throughout the years ahead.

Backgammon is among the more popular kinds of entertainment engaged by man through the years. It has exploded on the internet in recent years. On, no cost backgammon is readily available for people who desire to play in tournaments, and play unlimited games between computer and human opponents. So, they might well be applied to the lack of expense involved in procuring the basic items required to conduct the game.

If you’re bored of playing backgammon, perhaps attempt downloading it online! Backgammon delivers some intriguing opportunities for gambling. If one already knows the way to play backgammon, now is the time to better their skills by learning some simple strategy. Free internet backgammon is provided by many sites and the most well-known ones are YAHOO and MSN.

Men and women who are considering figuring out how to play Backgammon have a great deal of work in store in their opinion. It is just as much fun online as it is playing socially around a board. Precisely what is terrific regarding playing backgammon online is that you simply don’t need to worry about needing to get a brand-new backgammon set. As you’re shopping around and looking for the most suitable board game Backgammon for your requirements, you are going to want to create a bid to nail down what you would like out of your set.

In such days of the web, it really is quite great to play backgammon on a conventional set! Backgammon seems to be an easy game, but it is much more complex than most individuals can imagine. It has long been a favorite board game. It can become a great new family tradition that everyone is sure to love. If you’re not interested in online backgammon through backgammon motif, it’s still feasible to play. On-line backgammon is as much about attitude as it’s about skill. They is played worldwide by all sorts of people.

In this manner, backgammon is provided a new twist to hold players’ interest. Whether or not you’re playing backgammon free of charge against friends or at free internet skill gaming websites, or whether you’re competing in a significant tournament for cash prizes, you will need to incorporate strategy in your game if you prefer to win. Regardless of what kind of backgammon player you’re, online backgammon can satisfy your requirements.