Decorative house for the garden or houses for flower beds

decorative house for garden

Hello, dear readers! You are planning to transform the garden, but still it is not defined in what style it will be executed? Then I propose to take a closer look at the houses of fairies, which will help to recreate in your garden the most real magical and even a little dreamlike atmosphere! For a start, we’ll plunge into the history of the appearance of these lovely creatures – small, lovely fairies! Fairies are the characters of Celtic and German folklore, they are portrayed in the form of little men, with wings and pointed ears.

The first mention of fairies was recorded in medieval Europe, and then spread to Ireland, Scotland, Cornwall and Wales. It is also known that the first to write about the existence of fairies, the writer Girald Kambrens (1146-1223), and in simple families, legends about these mythological creatures were given from generation to generation in oral form. According to popular beliefs, fairies lead a secretive way of life, but often interfere in a person’s life, often because of ignorance or embarrassment they harm people! Whatever it was, the fairy in the house or the garden – to great luck! Therefore, if you want a small, cheerful fairy to settle on your site, “build” her a miniature house for a garden, then luck will not bypass your house!

It is important: hang a bell on the finished house, it is believed that the sound of the bell repels evil fairies, and attracts good magic creatures such as free welcome bonus no deposit casino! Okay, I am kidding. Casino bonuses are nothing but real and only found online, but fairies will make your garden magical for sure.

From what materials can you make houses for flower beds?

In fact, everything depends on your imagination, you can put almost anything into action: plastic bottles, juice containers, tree branches, gypsum board, foam, pebbles, large stones, chipboard or fiberboard, cement, iron sheets, cones, acorns, nuts, chestnuts, etc. Here, it is important to consider what shape the house will be, what size (width, height), and whether it is hollow or filled from the inside. The box of the house can be made from sheets of gypsum board, gluing them with high-quality glue, and for the reliability of connecting the walls with nails or staples for furniture. On little bird housetop of the house to cover with cement mortar, in which to gently immerse small stones, thereby the facade part of the house will seem made of stone. Do not forget to create holes first – doors and windows. The roof can be made according to the appropriate scheme, but instead of gypsum cardboard, take a sheet of cardboard, bend it in half, molding the roof, fix it in this position, cover with concrete, without forgetting to create a shingles effect, at the final stage cover the house with a suitable paint and purchase the appropriate accessories: figurines of fairies, a small bell on the door, miniature flower pots, etc.

Where to put a garden decoration – a house?

These houses are most harmoniously looked among the abundant greenery, so if you have a beautiful flowerbed, put a house for the fairies in the center or at the edge of the flower bed. In addition, these houses will be appropriate to look at the foot of a mighty tree, surrounded by pots with weaving plants or near a decorative fountain. And that the image of the fairy’s house seemed completely completed, it is necessary to populate it with small ceramic figures – fairies or elves. Thus, you can create a whole elven village, where each character will “deal” with his business, the benefit of an assortment of garden figures allows you to find suitable for execution!

Where to buy a house for fairies?

Dear readers, it is better, of course, to make houses for flower beds yourself, carefully thought out their design, and also picking up suitable materials, but if there is no desire to mess with their manufacture, look into the shops all for the garden, there you will definitely pick up a small, elegant house. By the way, you are prompted, now very beautiful birdhouses-houses are being sold (with a roof, windows, doors, benches, chimney and other attributes), if you do not like a miniature house for a garden, you can buy such a birdhouse and put it in the spot!!

Friends, here are the birdhouses I mentioned above! True, look great? So everything is thought out, even the shutters on the windows provided, and the visor over the door, and the stairs are interesting, in general the composition is magnificent! For those who are interested in bird houses, I give a link to the online store!

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